According to the commercial enterprise media enterprise, Forbes, those who put on conventional watches are extra a hit. They are more efficient, punctual, organized and are appreciative of great and style. In an generation while smartphones seem to be making the conventional timepiece redundant, it is appropriate to understand there’s nevertheless a place for the watch.

Are you considering buying a wood watch? If so, read on to study the top seven advantages of sporting timber watches.



A timber watch is a timepiece which includes timber into the design. The casing and every now and then the strap is made from timber. The inner watch mechanism is tons similar to a traditional watch.

Wood has been used to make matters given that people first started out making tools. It’s a sustainable and flexible fabric. The herbal wood grain presents a stunning start line for the skilled watchmaker to craft a timepiece with individual.

Wood is a renewable useful resource. Wooden watches are typically made either from a previously used source or from sustainable sources. The sustainably sourced wooden approach that any tree this is felled to make wooden products is changed. This control of forests manner that the sources aren’t depleted.

It’s essential that timber merchandise are made from sustainable sources. Destruction of forests with out deliberate replacement of the timber way loss of habitat, decreased woodland variety, and interference with indigenous peoples. Not to say the damage it reasons the earth’s herbal atmosphere that sustains lifestyles for everybody.

Every timber watch is precise. As a herbal product, the wood used in making an eye fixed changed into a dwelling element. It grew rather than being synthetic.

Metal or plastic watches are produced in portions that lead them to economically feasible. This manner they’re exact replicas of every other. Even the most expensive, first-rate watches are machined and polished to specific measurements and specs.

The timber grain in a wooden watch is precise to each watch. No watches are or can be same. When you personal a wood watch you’ve got a clearly unique factor with the authentic grain shaped through a few years of tree growth.


Watches crafted from steel are heavy. The fabric used is dense and so weighs more than a much less dense material such as wooden. Wearing a wood watch feels quality and mild despite the fact that the inner workings are metallic.

If you want a large watch face or a chunky design a timber watch is ideal. A steel watch can get as a substitute heavy if it is large but this isn’t the case with a wooden watch. It can sense as in case you are not carrying an eye at all.

As a wooden watch a while, it adjustments. Just as a bit of vintage furniture acquires what creditors call a “patina” so a wooden watch profits man or woman. Age, wear and the sharpening action of apparel creates a sheen.

The surface of a timber watch tells the tale of its life. This is not something to fear about. Aging gracefully means the character of the timber can emerge making it even more stunning over the years.

Watches are regularly handed on from era to technology. A wood watch works properly as a family heirloom due to the attractive getting older of the wood. It reminds the modern owner of the history of the watch and the legacy of preceding proprietors.

Even even though timber watches are unique and attractive timepieces, they may be still pretty cheap. Most timber watches are not high priced. It’s possible to buy a totally Swiss made chronograph appealing, quality men’s or ladies’s wood look ahead to beneath $a hundred.

Look after your watch and it’ll deliver a few years of carrier. Follow your watch manufacturers recommendation for the care of your watch. Many wooden watches benefit from polishing with coconut oil or beeswax however keep away from getting this directly to the mechanism or steel and glass parts.


Whether you wear a look ahead to formal or informal conditions, there is a design for you. Some designs paintings properly in each conditions. Think about how refined a piece of antique furniture can appearance and you may respect how a wood watch can paintings in a proper context.

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